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We offer a great variety of tours that will allow you to know Nosara and its surroundings, from rivers, mountains, beaches and trails. Meet some of the most popular places in our community. Our tours and packages are cataloged as the best in the area.

We will take you to the places with the best views, where you can appreciate impressive mountain ranges, rivers and beaches. On the way you can appreciate exotic animals from the area.


White Rocks Waterfall Adventure

One of the most unique and famous tour of ATV adventures consists of traversing spectacular mountain roads with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Prepare to get wet and dirty. While exploring thick jungle trails and making several river crossings! Swim in the waters of a beautiful waterfall, available during and right after the rain season.

  • USD $110/PERSON + USD $25 extra passenger.
  • DURATION: 3.5 hours

Jungle and Wildlife Tour

Ride with ATV adventures along the Nosara Rivers and explore jungle trails while experiencing the surroundings beauty in a most pictures settings. You will discover century old trees and the magnificent landscapes characteristic of the Guanacaste Region. This tour will provide plenty of opportunities to see the wildlife and the picture-perfect landscapes this region is know for.

  • USD $70/PERSON + USD $25 extra passenger.
  • DURATION: 2 hours

Costa Rica Jungle Tequila Tour

What a way to immerse yourself into authentic and rich cultural tradition through homemade liquor know as Chirrite, the Costa Rican moon-shine. Ride through charming winding and along scenic roads to meet a local family rich with Costa Rican history. Learn how to make Chirrite and explore the lifestyle of its makers, a “campesino” family.

  • USD $110/PERSON + USD $25 extra passenger.
  • DURATION: 3 hours
  • Typical Lunch Included

Cofee Tour Zaragoza

Climb up on an ATV and take the beautiful country roads of Nosara towards higher altitudes and cooler temperatures where the Santa Rosa cafetal is located. Nestled in one of the most beautiful mountain ridges in the country, the surroundings awe-inspiring mountains, ocean views and the pristine shoreline will take your breath away. Once you get to the lush coffee finca, learn the workings of the coffee operation and have glimpse of the stress-free way of life, right at the heart of the Nicoya peninsula.

  • USD $120/PERSON + USD $25 extra passenger.

Coastline Pura Vida Adventure

Know as the Gold Coast of Costa Rica, this stretch of the Pacific Ocean really lives up its fame. Discover the very distinguished beaches stretching from Nosara all the way to Playa Avellana, each with its own unique beauty and character. From picturesque rocky beaches to coconut trees swaying in the wind, surf breaks and turquoise blue waters, you’ll be amazed by the full variety of the natural and wild beauty the coast of Guanacaste is know for.

  • USD $120/PERSON + USD $25 extra passenger

Surfing Adventure

Venture off the beaten path and surf in the remote beaches of Barrigona and Camaronal. Barrigona has been cosidered by many as the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica, where just getting there is a journey in itself.  In this secluded beach you will find surfing´s paradise with tasty tubes and bondacious barrels all day long. As if that’s not enough, this tour will also take you to playa Camaronal, a remote beach blessed with world class waves wich remain consistently as some of the biggest ones in the area all year.

  • USD $150/PERSON + USD $75 extra person
  • Lunch included